Customization Order

Customization Order

We continually work to develop new technologies, which allow us to answer various customization needs (development based on existing valve products). We develop products and make minor changes tailored to our customers’ requests and needs.

Here are some of the customization requests we have handled:

Make a minor improvement to an existing product to:

  • Support low-temperature applications
    →Products supporting use under 0°C can be provided by changing the materials of some parts. (Ex.: -40°C solenoid valves / air-operated valves)
  • Enable use with seawater and chemical agents
    →This can be done by changing materials. (Ex.: constant flow valves)
  • Enable use under high-pressure, low-temperature conditions using a DC power supply
    →This can be done with a minor change to existing products, on condition that the current value is maintained at a set level.
    (Ex.: SSPD solenoid valve; 20 MPa, -40°C, DC 24V)


Low Temperature: -40°C


Solenoid Valves
VSPD, TEN, Y series, etc.


Constant Flow Valves: Seawater-Proof


Constant Flow Valves


High Pressure: 20 MPa + DC


20 MPa Solenoid Valves
SSPD series

Flow of Customization

Here is an example of standard processes involved in the customization (minor change) of a valve product.

Specification Review / Quotation 3-7 Days

Contact our Valve Sales Department and provide the details of your request including the applicable product and the changes you wish to be made. We will contact you after we confirm whether your request can be fulfilled. If your request is not complicated, you will hear from us in 3 to 7 days. If it involves elements that require new development, it may take longer.

Manufacturing  A Few Weeks to 2 Months

Partial changes to an existing product in stock can be completed in a few weeks. Otherwise, it will take about 1.5 to 2 months to manufacture the product.


Following a final inspection, we will pack and ship the product.