Case Study

The example for which our valves were used in the past.

Injection molding equipment


An electromagnetic valve is used for high-pressure gas ejection formation equipment. High-level safety and reliability in need.

Solenoid valve

SSPDH32MPa (Direct Acting)
SSPD 20MPa (Direct Acting)
SSAP 20MPa (Pilot Operated)

Chiller / Refrigerator


The solenoid valve for low temperature is used for refrigerant control of Chiller or Refrigerator. 

Solenoid valve

VSSPDIt may control the wide temperature range from -70 ℃ to 80 ℃.
VSPD-LN2MFor liquid nitrogen -196 ℃

Pure water manufacturing equipment


Constant flow valve is used for pure water manufacturing equipment/ an artificial dialyzer. It may control the constant flow mechanically, the deionized water of the fixed amount may be produced.

Constant Flow valve

FPC0.7 to 7.0 L/min  Flow Rate
NSPW5.0 to 55  L/min  Flow Rate
NFFW30 to 10000  L/min  Flow Rate

Oil refinery / Petroleum feeding line


Constant flow valve is used for flow rate control at the time of tanker’s petroleum supply and the protection of the flown meter.

Constant Flow valve

FPC0.7 to 7.0 L/min  Flow Rate
NSPW5.0 to 55  L/min  Flow Rate
NFFW 30 to 10000  L/min  Flow Rate

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment


The ball type non-return valve of NW connection is used in the pulsometer protection use of the semiconductor industry.

NW connection valve


The ball type non-return valve (For vacuum) 


Firefighting Equipment (sprinkler system)


Constant flow valve and non-return valve are used for digestive sprinkler equipment of the tunnel and the building. Because of the spring structure inside, you can freely decide the installing direction.

Constant Flow valve

FPC0.7 to 7.0 L/min  Flow Rate
NSPW5.0 to 55  L/min  Flow Rate
NFFW 30 to 10000  L/min  Flow Rate

Inline Check Valves


Inline Spring Type (CAC406)


Inline Spring Type (SUS)

Marine Vessel  (Tank Control)


It’s used for water level control of the cascade tank. It’s tough enough for shaking of a ship and stop chattering.

Level Control valve


Ball tap less type (CAC406)


Ball tap less type (SUS304)

Introduction case study by industry


The Energy

Atomic energy / Thermal power plant , Petroleum refinery

Atomic energy/thermal power plant

[Unit/Line] fuel control line and the generator control line
[Valves] Solenoid valves, Check valves
petroleum refinery[Unit/Line] the petroleum charging line (tank truck shipment)
[Valve]  Constant flow valves(fixed flow rate valve)


Solenoid valves and Check valves are used for a fuel control line and the generator control line.
Constant flow valves(fixed flow rate valve) are used for the petroleum charging line.






Food manufacturing factory, shop

Food manufacture factory and store

Food production unit (temperature control equipment, humidifier, filter, dryer, steamer and boiled noodle machine), food wet scrubber, vending machine and microwave oven

solenoid valves, motorized ball valves, electric flow control valves, constant flow valves, check valves, air-operated valves, manual valves, other


– The solenoid valve, the air-operated valve and the motorized ball valve are used for a food production unit.
– Constant flow valve is used for store equipment water-saving measure.





Machine and equipment

Manufacturing plant, Factory

Manufacturing factory and the plant

Temperature regulator, dryer, chiller, the metallic mold warm tone capacity, the rubber production line, burner control for boilers, test apparatus (a high voltage, hotness and cold ,4−20 mA minute flow rate control), press of clothes, dyeing equipment and the automatic welding machine

Solenoid valves, Motorized valves, Electric flow control valves, Constant flow valves, Check valves, Air-operated valves, Water level control valves, Manual valves, other


– The valve is used in each production unit or manufacturing line, such as the solenoid valve, the air-operated valve and the water level control valve. 
– Electronic flow regulating valve FX is used for the test apparatus.






Bullet train, Ship, truck

Bullet train

[Unit/Line] emergency brake equipment for rolling stock
[Valve]  Solenoid valve


[Unit/Line] Shipping fuel controller, (cascade tank/drinking water tank), water level control and Ballast water treatment system
[Valve]  Solenoid valve, Constant water level control valve


-A solenoid valve Y is used for vehicle emergency start-and-stop device of the Bullet train.
– Constant water level control valve ACL/SSACL is used for cascade tank water level control of the ship.
-Ballast water treatment system is used by Constant flow valve NSPW/NFF for the chemical liquid flow rate adjustment and supply water volume adjustment.





Medical care

Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, hospital

A manufacturing factory of medical supplies. Hospital

Cell freezing equipment, liquid-nitrogen dropping equipment, sterilizer and germicidal container

Solenoid valve, Check valve


-Cold solenoid valve for-liquid-nitrogen  VSPD-LN2M (-196 ℃) is used for cell freezing equipment of the medical application and liquid-nitrogen dropping equipment.
-A high-temperature solenoid valve and a check valve are used for the sterilizer.





Disaster prevention

Building, tunnel

Building and tunnel

Fire sprinkler equipment

Constant flow valve, Check valve


-Constant flow valve NSPW/NFF and check valve NR2-S is used for fire sprinkler equipment in the building tunnel.






Housing / building, Water supply main, 

Housing, building and the water supply main

Waterworks feed line in the air conditioner (the coldness and warmness water HVAC control) and the bill, waterworks tank to catch water, water level control and waterworks main feed line

Motorized valve, Electric flow control valve, Constant flow valve, Check valve, Level control valve


-The motorized ball valve is used for the air conditioner like the fan-coil-unit and the air handling unit.
-Constant flow valve NSPW/NFF is used for the flow control when it’s supplied to a building from the waterworks main.





Semiconductor manufacturing factory

Semiconductor manufacturing factory

Exhaust-gas treatment equipment, Vacuum pump protection line(dry pump)

Air-operated valve, Manual ball valve, Check valve


-The air pressure operational valve and a manual ball valve of NW connection  are used for pollution abatement equipment for exhaust gas.
-NW connection A check valve is used for vacuum compressor (dry pump) protection.





Agriculture and leisure

Golf course / field, fountain

Golf course, field and fountain

automatic watering equipment for golf course, field irrigation equipment and fountain equipment

Solenoid valve, Check valve


-The solenoid valve is used for automatic watering in the golf course and field irrigation.
-The solenoid valve and the non-return valve are used for fountain equipment.




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