About Keihin Business

About Keihin Business


Keihin Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and sales of various automatic valves (solenoid valves, motorized ball valves, air-operated valves, constant flow valves, check valves, electric flow control valves) and other valves.

Our comprehensive services include the (1) international sales and support of various valve products and (2) design, development, and manufacturing.

1) International Sales

Our products can be purchased from anywhere around the world. We provide quotations, sell products, and introduce local distributors via our website. Feel free to contact us if you wish to purchase our products.


  • We do not simply manufacture valves; we make sure they can be purchased from anywhere around the world. Our sales representatives will provide the support you need in choosing and purchasing the right product.
  • You can buy Japanese valve product of other manufactures. (Click here : Valve Manufacturer / Products List)
  • We have been engaged in international trade for many years. We look forward to hearing from representatives of purchasing and design departments of manufacturers and sales representatives of trading companies interested in purchasing our products.
  • Contact us from our website to request a quotation.



2) Valves Design, Development, and Manufacturing

Ever since our foundation in 1972, we have been developing and manufacturing various valves. Most of our products are manufactured in Japan. We deliver our products to more than 1,200 customers each year around the world.


We design and develop various types of valves, including solenoid valves, motorized ball valves, electric flow control valves, constant flow valves, check valves, air-operated valves, and manual valves.


Our valves are manufactured in a factory based in Japan, under strict quality and process control. Our products have earned the trust of customers and are adopted in a wide range of industries. See below for more information.


Ever since our foundation in 1972, we have produced various types of valves, and each year we deliver products to more than 1,200 customers around the world. Our products are used in applications that require high quality control, such as power plant facilities, rolling stock (local trains and bullet trains), and oil-related facilities. In addition, our products find broad applications in stores, buildings, and equipment where there is a flow of fluids including water, oil, air, gas, and steam.

Rolling Stock

Solenoid Valves
Our solenoid valves are used in the braking system and warning horn of local trains and bullet trains operating in Japan.

Marine Vessel

Solenoid Valves / Level Control Valves
Our solenoid valves are used in fuel and lubricating oil purifiers on marine vessels. Our space-saving, anti-chattering level control valves (ACL series) are used in onboard tank facilities.

Power Plant

Solenoid Valves / Other
We manufacture solenoid valves for use in nuclear power plants, where extremely strict control is required. We also manufacture solenoid valves and check valves for high-pressure applications in thermal power plants, hydraulic power plants, etc.

Food Machines / Store Equipment

Constant Flow Valves / Air-Operated Valves
Our high-durability constant flow valves, which can maintain a constant flow rate, are used for water conservation in store facilities. Our air-operated valves are used in food production machines that do not allow the use of electricity.

Building / Air-Conditioning

Motorized Ball Valves
Our motorized ball valves featuring an emergency shutdown function and proportional motorized ball valves (KL-E series) are used for air-conditioning facilities in buildings and hospitals.

Machinery / Equipment

Various Valves
Our valve products are used in various fields including test instruments, semiconductors, food machines, water treatment systems, boilers, medical devices, and so on.

 International Sales

International Sales available | Waiting for Inquiry!

  • Keihin Co., Ltd.’s valve products (all products listed on the website or catalogue) can be purchased anywhere around the world from one pcs! (→Learn More)
  • Always feel free to ask us, based on your needs we will select and put forward the best valve product which suit your situation. (→Send inquiry of Quotation / Order now!)

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