Most Frequently Asked Questions

What can I select for payment options?
A : You can choose either T/T or L/C.T/T is an abbreviation of “Telegraphic Transfer”.
Please send money to our bank account. L/C is an abbreviation of “Letter Of Credit”.
It’s the means of settlement for trading that should be pledged as a collateral between our company and your bank as payment promise.
What do you have shipping options?
A : Available for EMS and FedEX and other shipping companies with which we have been trading.
Also available the options for airmail or surface mail depending on the quantity and weight of the package.
If you want, you can choose delivery traders for shipping.
How long will it take for a shipping date?
A : If we have the stock, it will be delivered in 3 to 10 days by EMS.
Order production will be delivered in 45 to 60 days depending on the quantity and weight of the products.
How do you select the product?
A : We may select the most suitable product for customer’s sake in the long run considering the valve way (fluid, the temperature, the pressure, the flow rate and connection), the frequency of use, safety, the durability and the maintenance. It’s no problem that you don’t know all the spec, if you fill us in desirable spec and details, we let you know recommended product.
Can I order the specification which isn’t on the catalog?
A : There may be also stock of a special product which isn’t on the catalog. Please feel free to contact us.
Can I buy your product from my country?
A : It’s possible for us to sell every area all over the world. If there is direct-shop or our agency directly in your area, we let you know it. 

How to select and order

How long does it take to estimate?
A : If you contact us, we will respond to you within 24 hours. After receiving and checking your request, we will estimate or let you know our agency immediately. (If you want a special product or a lot of quantity, you should wait for a while)

About exporting

What about insurance and shipping charge?
A : If you have a request, please let us know. It’s possible for us to deal with your request according to the quantity. Basically, by EMS, shipping charge and cost of insurance are included to the customer’s location. And you can choose the other options such as FOB, CIF and DDU as you like.
How do you pack the product?
A : We may pack the product in high-quality packing material to defend the damage of exporting. Basically, the product may be being packed double.
Who will pay the import duties?
A : You need to pay import duties to a valve product if there is the special customs duties in your area. Please refer to HS cord and check it about the tariff rate. If there are no the customs duties, you don’t need to pay it. Import duties will be paid by our customers. If you choice EMS,you should pay import duties by EMS when you receive the package.
What’s HS code of the valve product?
A : HS code is the code number which was made the purpose of unifying the name and the classification worldwide of the international trade goods, and is the statistical item number of classification the goods of importing and exporting. The statistical item number of importing and exporting expresses all imported and exported lists of articles in a number of 9 digits or 10 digits. You can check HS code of Keihin’s product in the following.

About quality control.

Is it possible for customers to visit and see inside factory?
A : It is possible for the customer who orders large repeatedly to do factory audit in our domestic factory in Japan.
Do you acquire ISO?
A : Our associated company and Keihin Valve Corporation the main factory acquired ISO9001,ISO14001.
What about Keihin’s quality level?
A : We have been manufacturing the valves which are used by the emergency shutdown system of the bullet train and the fuel rod control of the nuclear power generation, which needs very high-quality control as top-level in Japan for several decades. Keihin Co., Ltd., which is a group enterprise of Keihin Valve Co., Ltd., have been manufacturing the part for cars of Honda and other automobile company. We grapple with quality control as same level as automobile manufacture.

About Keihin.

Is it the same Keihin as a carburetor?
A : One company performed a spin-off for two companies. We are in charge of the industrial valve department of the KEIHIN group. For more information and details, please check out About Keihin.
Does Keihin Co.,Ltd produced other product besides the Keihin Valve Corporation product?
A : Keihin Co.,Ltd has developed and manufactured its own brand. As KEIHIN group, we have developed and manufactured and marketed a high-quality valve.

About valve spec

Can your product correspond to different power supply?  
A : Most of an electromagnetic valve corresponds to power supply 100,110,120,200,220,240 volts AC (50/60Hz) and DC variously. The electric ball valve corresponds to 100,200VAC 50/60Hz.KB1 series corresponds to 100,120,200,220VAC 50/60Hz.
Is a connection international standards?
A : It corresponds to Rc,JIS,ANSI flange.
Is there an endurance guaranteed number?
A : Basically, for a solenoid valve we guarantee the earlier one either 100,000 times or one year and a ball valve either 10,000 times or one year. Please contact us about other valves.
Does it correspond to UL/TSSA/CSA standard?
A : UL/TSSA/CSA standard isn’t acquired except a few special products. It’s possible to acquire the UL/TSSA/CSA standard separately if the quantity of the order is large or the customer should order from us repeatedly.
Does it correspond to CE mark?
A : CE marking(EC Directives conformity certification) isn’t acquired except a few special products. It’s possible to acquire the UL/TSSA/CSA standard separately if the quantity of the order is large or the customer should order from us repeatedly.

About our agency

Can a customer select the valve at Keihin before purchasing at the agency?
A : We can do confirmation and select the specification and make a contact with the agency. We can uniquely offer the customers the technical consultation as valve manufacturer.

About a valve defect.

Valve doesn’t move.
A : If a trash or foreign substances enter the valve, it might cause the movement defect of it.If possible, take the valve apart, check if there are a trash or damage of the sheet.
Leakage occurs in a valve.
A : Please check by yourself that there should be a trash and biting foreign substances and damage of the sheet if disassembly possible.
Do I need a strainer?
A : To stop tampering, we recommend our customers to establish a 80 meshes of strainer.
Can I offer you to come here and survey if a valve is not working well?
A : You can send us Keihin product to Japan and offer to survey if there is a malfunction or not. Sorry but we can not go and survey there.