Do you know you can buy a valve from Japan?

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The valve manufacturer sells a valve for the customer all over the world.

Q : Isn’t it difficult for foreign customer to order a valve from oversea?


You can order it easily in all countries.


Direct sale from Japan

  • Inquiry
  • Selection
  • Quotation
  • Order
  • Shipment

Order method is very easy. Please do a request for quotation of a product in the form or the telephone. The sales person in charge will contact you immediately, and it’s estimated at selection of goods. Please ask the thing which isn’t understood everything. Accurate selection of goods is performed as a professional of a valve.


Introducing the agency

If there is the agency, we let you know. If there is no agency in your area or even if you are the other agency, you can buy our product directly.

*The selection of goods is also possible before introducing you the agency. Please contact us about a valve any time.

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What’s Keihin?


20 Years :

International Sales Distributor



40 Years :

Valve Maker in Japan


The feature of the Keihin product

1 The special specification

We’re manufacturing the special-specification-products, for example a high-pressure valve(electromagnetic valve, air pressure valve and non-return valve),196 °C low temperature, 250 °C of hotness and high viscosity 400cst.

2 The special structure

We’re manufacturing the special-structure-products, such as constant flow valve, fixed water level valve with ballcock valve, 4-20mA fine flow control valve.

Constant Flow Valve
0.7 to 10000 L/min Constant Flow Valve
4-20mA Control Electric Flow Control Valve
Level Control Valve
Ball Tap-Less Level Control Valve (ACL)
The direction where you install that is free. In-Line Spring check valve

Top 3 reasons you should buy the valve at Keihin

Reason 1

A valve professional may select the valves for you directly.

Keihin is a trading company at the same time as it’s a manufacturer and select a valve for you.

Keihin may ask you about fluid, the pressure, the temperature, size, the flow rate, your frequency of use, a connection type, power source and the material, and select the suitable product. Please choose Keihin as a long-term partner of Japanese valve manufacturer.

It’s also possible for you to buy an Japanese product in other company.

If there are no desirable valve in our stock, we may let you know very suitable product made by other manufacturers. Please choose Keihin as a long-term partner of Japanese valve manufacturer.

Reason 2

High-quality Japanese valve

We have acquired ISO9001/ISO14001

40 years have passed since our business got started, we are trading with more than 1200 companies a year including a major customer inside and outside Japan. We have acquired ISO9001/ISO14001 in the KEIHIN valve, main factory.

It’s also adopted as the bullet train and the nuclear power generation.

We’re manufacturing the valves which are used by the emergency shutdown system of the bullet train and the fuel rod control of the nuclear power generation, which needs very high-quality control as top-level in Japan.

Reason 3

Sales experience at foreign countries for more than 20 years

You can even buy it from one from everywhere all over the world.

We have rich sales experience from Asia, the Middle East, North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa, all over the world. We may sell you the product directly from Japan. When there is our agency in your area, we introduce you into our agency..

You may get the estimate easily by the Internet and buy it.

When you’d contact us by the internet, the person in charge will respond to you immediately.


What kind of product can be bought from Keihin?


Keihin Valves

Automatic valves (Solenoid valves, Air-operated valves, Motorized valves, Electric flow control valves, Constant flow valves, Check valves) Manual valves, other


Other Japanese Maker’s Valve

If there are no desirable valve in our stock, we may let you know very suitable product made by other manufacturers. We’re the responsible trading company for you in Japan as well. (Click here to learn more : Valve Manufacturer / Products List)

Who should contact your company as a customer?

We’re waiting for a question or a contact from the following people.


Device Maker

PURCHASE / DRAWING SECTION We’re waiting for a contact from the person in charge of the Purchasing department or the Design department. Please feel free to contact us anytime you want to know anything about selection the product and an estimate and technical consultation.



PURCHASE / SALES SECTION We’re waiting for a contact from the person in charge of the Purchasing department or the sales department. Even when we don’t sign the agency agreement, it’s possible for you to buy our product.

Our achievement for Industry and Introduction

Injection molding equipment

The electromagnetic valve is used for the Injection molding equipment of compressed gases. Our technology needs the high reliability. Solenoid Valve

SSPDH : 32MPa (Direct Acting)
SSPD : 20MPa (Direct Acting)
SSAP : 20MPa (Pilot Operated))

Chiller / Refrigerator

The electromagnetic valve for low temperature is used for refrigerant control of Chiller or Refrigerator. Solenoid Valve

VSSPD : It may control the wide temperature range from -70 c to 80 c.
VSPD-LN2M : 20MPa (Direct Acting)

Pure water manufacturing equipment

Constant flow valve is used for pure water manufacturing equipment/ an artificial dialyzer. It may control the constant flow mechanically, the deionized water of the fixed amount may be produced. Constant Flow Valve

FPC : 0.7 to 7.0 L/min Flow Rate NSPW
NSPW : 5.0 to 55 L/min Flow Rate
NFFW : 30 to 10000 L/min Flow Rate

Oil refinery / Petroleum feeding line

Constant flow valve is used for flow rate control at the time of tanker’s petroleum supply and the protection of the flown meter. We’ll respond to you quickly within 1 business days. Constant Flow Valve

FPC : 0.7 to 7.0 L/min Flow Rate
NSPW : 5.0 to 55 L/min Flow Rate
NFFW : 30 to 10000 L/min Flow Rate

Fire extinguishing sprinkler equipment

Constant flow valve and non-return valve are used for digestive sprinkler equipment of the tunnel and the building. Constant Flow Valve

NSPW : 5.5 to 55 L/min Flow Rate
NFFW : 30 to 10000 L/min Flow Rate

Inline Spring Type (SUS)

NR2-S : Inline Spring Type (SUS)

How to order

step 1


Professional selection of the product

Please tell us about the fluid, the pressure, the temperature and the quantity as much detail as possible We’ll introduce an appropriate valve every kind of valve. We’re a valve manufacturer, so we can do high-level selection.


step 2

Quotation / Order

Specification confirmation

After using it, we’ll send you the estimate, the catalog and the drawing for reference. We’ll inform you of the notice in a valve. And also we will issue various document in need.


After confirming the condition, please send us application form. We’ll arrange your order after we receive your application form.


step 3

Payment / Shipment

Payment confirmation

You can pay us by T/T or a L/C.

We’ll do steady packing and ship the product.

Packed in high-quality packing material (cardboard box and absorber) in order to prevent the damage for exporting. Packed double the product if in need.



Question 1

What can I select for payment options?


You can choose either T/T or L/C. T/T is an abbreviation of “Telegraphic Transfer”. Please send money to our bank account. L/C is an abbreviation of “Letter Of Credit”. It’s the means of settlement for trading that should be pledged as a collateral between our company and your bank as payment promise.

Question 2

What do you have shipping options?


Available for EMS and FedEx and other shipping companies with which we have been trading. Also available the options for airmail or surface mail depending on the quantity and weight of the package. If you want, you can choose delivery traders for shipping.

Question 3

How long will it take for a due date?


If we have the stock, it will be delivered within 3 to 10 days by EMS. Order production will be delivered 45 to 60 days depending on the product’s volume.

Question 4

How do you select the product?


We may select the most suitable product for customer’s sake in the long run considering the valve way (fluid, the temperature, the pressure, the flow rate and connection), the frequency of use, safety, the durability and the maintenance. It’s no problem that you don’t know all the spec, if you fill us in desirable spec and details, we let you know recommended product.

Question 5

Can I order the specification which isn’t on the catalog?


There may be also stock of a special product which isn’t on the catalog. Please feel free to contact us.

Question 6

Can I buy the valves of other company by you?


You can buy Japanese valve product of other manufactures. (Click here to learn about available purchase products: Valve Manufacturer / Products List)

Question 7

Is it possible to buy even one?


Even if you are the manufacturer or the buyer of agency or someone, it’s possible to sell it from one.

Question 8

Can I buy your product from my country?


It’s possible for us to sell every area all over the world. If there is direct-shop or our agency directly in your area, we let you know it.

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