Inline check valves (Brass)NR series

  • A compact check valve with a built-in spring and a design that allows installation in any direction.
  • Features a union structure that facilitates adjustment and correction of pipe distortion.

This valve prevents reflux in various control equipment and piping installations.

Fluid Water, Oil, Air, Gas, Steam
Temperature CR:0-60C PTFE:-15C to +200C
Pressure MAX 1MPa
Size 15-25A

Cracking Pressure

1.0-6.0kPa(It depends on the Flow direction.)
Flow rate Accuracy plus minus 50%


Valve Specification

Model No Connection Port


Size Type
NR-15 1/2 Rc 2WAY 0-1MPa 4.5 0.35
NR-20 3/4 8.0 0.6
NR-25 1 12.0 0.8

Main Parts List

No Name of Parts Materials
1 Body A CAC406
2 Spring SUS304W
3 Valve CAC406
4 Valve Disk CR or PTFE
5 Body B CAC406
6 Body Packing PTFE
7 Union Nut CAC406


Model Size Dimension
φd L A
NR-15  1/2 14 14 48
NR-20 3/4 20 20 58
NR-25  1 25 25 68

Other Specifications・Options

Installation Universal
Option  Cracking Pressure

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