Pressure reducing valvePA-R・PA-OR series

  • Piston type pressure reducing valve.
  • It is mainly used in oil and water.

It is widely used in petroleum plants, ship facilities and factory facilities.

Fluid Water Oil Others (Non corrosive fluid)
Temperature 5℃ – 80℃ (Option:150℃)
Pressure Primary : 0.1-1MPa/ 1-2MPa(H)
Size 3/4″ – 6″
Viscosity 700cSt or less
Body FC20, SCPH
Manufacturer TAISEI KOGYO CO., LTD.
Origin Japan


Valve Specification

Connection Primary
Pressure Control Range CV
Size Type
3/4 JIS10K/
1) above0.05 – 0.25MPa or less
2) above0.25 – 0.45MPa or less
3) above0.45 – 0.7 MPa or less
4) above0.7   – 1.6MPa or less (H)
1 3  
1 1/4 6  
1 1/2 8  
2 15  
2 1/2 JIS10K/
1) above0.05 – 0.2MPa or less
2) above0.2 – 0.5MPa or less
3) above0.5 – 0.7MPa or less
4) above 0.7 – 1.6MPa or less (H)
3 30  
4 40  
5 50  
6 60  
Model No Type Pressure Control Range
PA-R Internal detection above0.05 – 0.7 MPa or less
PA-OR External detection
PA-RH Internal detection above0.7 – 1.6 MPa or less
PA-ORH External detection

Other Specifications・Options

Min pressure defference 0.05MPa (the secondary pressure is 70% or less of the primary pressure)
Allowable leak rate Less than (valve size / 25 * 200) cc/min
Max pressure reduction ratio  10:1
Range ability  20:1

What is a Pressure reducing valve

About use of pressure reducing valve

Precautions for pressure reducing valve

Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s possible for us to sell every area all over the world. If there is direct-shop or our agency directly in your area, we let you know it.
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You can choose either T/T or L/C.T/T is an abbreviation of “Telegraphic Transfer”. Please send money to our bank account. L/C is an abbreviation of “Letter Of Credit”. It’s the means of settlement for trading that should be pledged as a collateral between our company and your bank as payment promise.
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You can buy Japanese valve product of other manufactures. You can buy the valves for example, Solenoid valves, Air-operated valves, Motorized valves, Electric flow control valves, Constant flow valves, Check valves, Manual valves, And other Japanese valves we can select. We can’t sell you some product that we don’t have the stock or that we can’t select the spec for special-spec product, please accept it beforehand. (If you may select the model number by your own and we do not have to decide or select it, we can sell you the product.) We can sell you any valve product of Japanese manufacture.

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Available for EMS and FedEX and other shipping companies with which we have been trading. Also available the options for airmail or surface mail depending on the quantity and weight of the package. If you want, you can choose delivery traders for shipping.
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