Rubber lining ball valve for sea waterHRLB series

  • A ball valve which made hard rubber lining at the part where liquid comes in contact.
  • Ideal for seawater / corrosive fluids.
  • Pneumatically operated, electric operated type is also possible.

Fluid Water,Sea water,Special liquid
Pressure 1.37MPa
Temperature 66℃
Size 1″- 10″ (25A-250A)
Connection JIS10K,ASME150LB Flange
Body FCD450 (S25C,SCPH2 )
Country Made in Japan
Option Pneumatically operated, Electric operated

This product is a general purpose product improved for general industrial use based on nuclear power.


Valve Specification

Model No CONNECTION Structure Dementions(mm) Rubber lining
Size Type Standard Φd L H A
BACR25A 1 Flange JIS10K
2WAY 25 190 170 180 MIN 3mm
BACR40A 1 1/2 38 190 198 220 MIN 3mm
BACR50A 2 50 210 203 220 MIN 3mm
BACR65A 2 1/2 64 225 273 300 MIN 3mm
BACR80A 3 76 250 277 300 MIN 3mm
BACR100A 4 102 290 353 500 MIN 3mm

There are products up to 10″ size. Please inquire details.

Main Parts List

Model No Size Dementions(mm)
Φd L H A
BACR25A 1 25 190 170 180
BACR40A 1 1/2 38 190 198 220
BACR50A 2 50 210 203 220
BACR65A 2 1/2 64 225 273 300
BACR80A 3 76 250 277 300
BACR100A 4 102 290 353 500


No. Part Name Material
1 Body FCD450
Hard rubber lining
2 Body
3 Ball SUS316L
4 Ball Seat High molecular
weight polyethylene
5 Stem SUS316L
6 O-ring EPDM
7 Bolt SNB7
8 Nut S45C
9 Packing Non-asbestos

Other Specifications・Options

Option 1)Body material: S25C, SCPH2 can also be supported.
2)Pneumatically operated, electric operated type available.


Is it possible to buy even one?
Even if you are the manufacturer or the buyer of agency or someone, it’s possible to sell it from one.
Can I buy your product from my country?
It’s possible for us to sell every area all over the world. If there is direct-shop or our agency directly in your area, we let you know it. As we will be informed, please contact us first [HP contact form].
What are the features of hard rubber lining?
It is easy to remove foreign substances such as marine organisms (barnacle) and is highly durable and maintainability. Low cost operation is possible in the long term.
Is it possible to support 1 “to 10” pneumatically or electrically operated type?
It is possible for all size.

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