LNG Cryogenic Low-Temperature Solenoid ValveME6-LN2HM series

  • Solenoid valve for liquid nitrogen / low temperature fluid. ︎
  • With a pilot kick type structure, it is possible to flow a large flow rate.
  • 【International Sales】It can be purchased anywhere around the world.

LNG Solenoid valve of linear motion type (solenoid valve) which can be used up to -196 ℃ with low temperature fluid such as liquid nitrogen and antifreeze. Can be used up to 1.6 MPa medium pressure. It is used in various equipment such as refrigeration equipment and medical equipment.

Fluid Liquid nitrogen, Antifreeze
Temperature -196℃
Pressure 1.6MPa
Size 1/2″
PowerSource 100,200 volts AC (50/60Hz)
Operation Normally Close
Origin Japan

※20A (3/4 “) is being prepared for sale.


Valve Specification

Model No Connection Port Orifice
Size Type
ME6-SSP-15LN2HM 1/2 Rc 2WAY 13.8 0〜1.6MPa 3 4.1

Main Parts List

1 Body SCS13
2 Plunger SUS410+PTFE
3 Main valve Ass’y SUS304+PTFE
4 Packless Ass’y SUS410+SUS304
5 Packless Packing PTFE
6 Seal Ring XE-4 (Tonimetal)
7 Plunger Spring SUS304
8 Pin SUS420
9 Push Rod SUS304
10 Coil PEW
11 Coil Bonnet SPC+Coating
12 Drip Proof Parts SUS304+NBR


Model No Size
L1 L2 H1
ME6-SSP-15LN2HM 1/2 63 125 18

Other Specifications・Options

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