Needle Type Constant Flow ValvesNSPW, NFFW series

  • Maintains a constant flow rate regardless of differential pressure variations before and after the valve.
  • Adopts a simple structure for a long service life, high durability and maintenance-free operation.
  • Boasts an outstanding track record in various equipment, building facilities and oil refineries.

Fluid (1)Water, Other Liquid (2)Oil
Temperature (1)80C (2)180C

0.03-1.0MPa* (Control Pressure Difference)
*It depends on Flow rate

Size 10-80A
Flow rate Accuracy 5-20L/min:±15%  22-850L/min:±10%

Bodt Materials:SUS304、SCPH2
Except Flange Rating JIS10KFF
Over 850L/min flow rate and over 100A size


Valve Specification

Model Connection Control Pressure Difference Flow rate
MAX pressure


Size Type L
NSPW-10 3/8 Rc


5-12 1 85 0.4
NSPW-15 1/2 5-20 95
NSPW-20 3/4 10~36 110 0.7
NSPW-25 1 16~55 135 1.3
NFFW-32 1 1/4 JIS10KFF 30~90 120 4.6
NFFW-40 1 1/2 30~140 140 5.4
NFFW-50 2 90~210 160 7
NFFW-65 2 1/2 90~400 190 11.3
NFFW-80 3 180~850 220 16.1
NFFW-50S 2 170~450 300 15
NFF-80S 3 900~1300 350 30

※ It depend on Flow rate.

Main Parts List

No Name of Parts Materials
 1  Body CAC406
 2 Piston SUS304
 3 Needle SUS403
4 Spring Holder C3604
 5 Spring A SUS304
Spring B SUS304
Needle Holder SUS403
Stop Ring SUS304


No Name of Parts Materials
 1  Body CAC406
 2 Piston SUS304
 3 Needle SUS403
4 Spring Holder C3604 or SUS403※1
 5 Spring A SUS304 or SUP9※1
Spring B SUS304
Needle Holder S25C or FCD400*1
Stop Ring SUS304
9 Sleeve CAC406※2
10 Stop Ring SUS304※2

※1 Materials are difference by valve size.
※2Parts  for NFFW. 

No Name of Parts Materials
 2 Piston SCS2
 3 Needle SUS403
 5 Spring A SUS304 or SUP9※3
Needle Holder FCD400
11 Lower Body FC250
12 Upper Body FC250
13 Body Packing NON-ASBESTOS

※3 Materials are difference by valve size.


Please refer to Valve Specification.

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