Compact 3way Solenoid ValveM3P series

  • CompactType Solenoid Valve for general use
  • Suitable for compact equipment and piping installations.

Used by customers around the world over many years, this highly versatile, compact, direct operating solenoid valve works with water, oil, air and gas of up to 60°C. It is also available in an explosion-proof version (d2G3) and with other optional power sources.

Fluid Water,  Oil,  Air,  Gas
Pressure MAX 0.2-1MPa
Temperature MAX 60C
Size 4-10A

100,110,120,200,220,240 volts AC (50/60Hz) / DC

Operation Universal


Valve Specification

Model No



(Air | Water Oil)
Size Port Type
M3P-0712-4 1/8 3WAY Rc 1.2 (0-1|0-1) 0.042 0.4
M3P-0712-8 1/4
M3P-1030-8 1/4 3.0 (0-0.4|0-0.2) 0.21 0.56
M3P-1030-10 3/8 0.72
M3P-1020-8 1/4 2.0 (0-1.0|0-0.7) 0.105 0.56
M3P-1020-10 3/8 0.72


Main Parts List

No Name of Parts Material
1 Body C3604
2 Plunger SUS410+NBR
3 Packless Ass’y SUS410+SUS304
4 Packless Packing NBR
5 plunger Spring SUS304
6 Nipple Packing NBR
7 Nipple S15C
8 Coil PEW
9 Coil Bonnet SPC+Coating


Model Number (Size) Dimentions (mm)
L H1 H2
M3P-0712-4 (1/8) 38 80 10
M3P-0712-8 (1/4)
M3P-1030-8 (1/4) 97
M3P-1030-10 (3/8) 42 12
M3P-1020-8 (1/4) 38 10
M3P-1020-10 (3/8) 42 12

Other Specifications・Options

Installation A Coil Vertical plus minus at an angle of 90 degree
Ambient Temp. 0-50C
Humidity RH90% or less
Fluid Viscosity 50mm2/s(50cst)
Option Drip-proof Type、Terminal Box、Explosion-proof Type、Body Materials:SUS304、Other Power Source

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