Solenoid Valve for Oil BurnerZFD

  • Compact type Solenoid Valve for Oil.
  • Suitable for compact Oil Burner.

Used by customers around the world over many years, 2way solenoid valve works with high viscosity oil(A B C Heavy Oil , Light Oil , Kerosen).

Fluid oil(A B C Heavy Oil , Light Oil , Kerosen)
Temperature MAX 100,120℃
Pressure MAX 2.1MPa
Size 8,10A
PowerSource 100,110,120,200,220,240 volts AC (50/60Hz) , DC
Operation Normally Close, Normally Open


Valve Specification

Model No Connection OrificeΦ
CvValue Weight(kg)
Size Port Type
ZFD-1032-8AUK 1/4 2WAY Rc 3.0 0~2.1 0.26 0.65
ZFD-1032-10AUK 3/8
ZFD-1532-8AUK 1/4 0.7
ZFD-1532-10AUK 3/8
ZFD-1032-8AUKC 1/4 0.65
ZFD-1032-10AUKC 3/8
ZFD-1532-8AUKC 1/4 0.7
ZFD-1532-10AUKC 3/8

Main Parts List

Normally Close
No Name of part Material
1 Body C3771
2 Plunger SUS410+FKM
3 Packless Ass’y SUS410+SUS304
4 Packless Packing FKM
5 Plunger Spring SUS304
9 Coil PEW
10 Coil Bonnet SPC+Coating


Model No Dimensions (mm)
L H1 H2
ZFD-1032-8AUK 52 73 13
 ZFD-1532-8AUK 78
ZFD-1032-8AUKC 73 16
ZFD-1532-8AUKC 78 17

Other Specifications・Options

Installation A Coil Vertical plus minus at an angle of 90 degree
Ambient Temp. 0-50C
Humidity RH90% or less
Fluid Viscosity 150mm2/s(150cst)
Option Drip-proof Type, Terminal box

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